Roman's story

Roman Yavoriv was picked by Maarten Tibau as the winner of the Full NG-BE 2018 Experience contest.

Here is Roman’s story on how he experienced NG-BE 2018…

How did you experience your trip to Belgium?

It was my first time in Belgium. And I should mention that it's very beautiful. A lot of authentic cities with amazing architecture. Brussels is more crowded and has more modern infrastructure. But Ghent and Brugge are more cozy with little houses and very calm and small streets.

And how did you experience NG-BE 2018?

The conference took place in Holiday Inn.

The venue is really comfortable with a lot space and incredible food.

I should mention one (and only one in my opinion) drawback of the location is that it is situated on the outskirt of Ghent. But communication with city center is very convenient - about 20 minutes and you are in the city center.  


Which workshop did you attend on Thursday?

There were four workshops I could choose from:

  • Angular Universal and PWA

  • Angular Architecture Patterns

  • Security in Angular

  • Angular and NGRX

I picked the NG-RX workshop, lead by Manfred Steyer and Michael Hladky.

While the workshop did not cover every topic in in full details, I really got good and well structured information which should be a good background for further learning and implementation.


How did you experience the conference on Friday?

First of all, I would like to mention that a lot of people said that NG-BE is so great because the organizers are paying so much attention to the details.

There is a famous quote that says:

 The difference between something good and something great is attention to details”
Charles R. Swindoll

And, yes, it’s true, every detail in the NG-BE was really great and implemented on a very high level.


The cinema room was such a great idea. You can lie down on bean bags and enjoy the conference at the same time. Closer to the end, I would have liked to try it - but it was fully booked.


Did you like the talks?

There were a lot of really useful information and great speakers.

The talk that I liked the most was “The Need for Speed”, by Bonnie Brennan. The talk was well structured and had a lot of useful information. Moreover, the speaking skills of Bonnie are incredible. It was so interesting to listen. Even if she would talking about an Hadron Collider, I would still enjoy it. Really high level, and I only can hope that someday I can be so confident on the stage as well.


Carmen Popoviciu presented the conference and she introduced the speakers in a very unique, warm and kind way.


Thank you, we are super happy to hear you had a great time. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank the organizers and core team members - awesome job, amazing atmosphere, a lot of inspiration and a great experience.

I hope to see you again at NG-BE 2019.