Why NG-BE cares about
Diversity and Inclusion


Every single person in the world is different.

We all have different backgrounds, different interests, different abilities and different disabilities.

For years, researchers have examined why some teams fail and other teams succeed at the same task.

Initially, it was believed that teams who are diverse in age, ethnicity and gender would be more creative and productive. However, the research uncovered that this kind of diversity was not directly linked to the level of performance or success.

Instead, it turned out that teams that consist of people who think differently outperform teams of people who think alike. The researchers called it Cognitive Diversity and defined it as “differences in perspective and information processing styles”.

Whether one is running a business or building software, having a team of people who think differently can thus greatly help in delivering better and more successful products and services.

By breaking down cultural barriers and actively raising awareness of the unconscious bias that underlies our beliefs, it is part of NG-BE’s mission to bring together people that think differently.

Therefore, NG-BE has its own Diversity and Inclusion team, lead by Ksenia Karelskaya and Carmen Popoviciu, to actively focus on:

  • making sure everyone feels welcome and at home, independent of age, gender, ethnicity, skin color, culture, religion or even diet

  • reaching out to speakers who experiment, think differently and who we believe can bring new insights to the Angular community

  • providing free education to people from different backgrounds to expand the horizons of the Angular community

  • constantly listening and learning from others to broaden our perspectives

We are convinced that diversity and inclusion can help improve the experience for attendees, speakers, trainers, sponsors and ultimately benefit the entire Angular ecosystem, including all businesses that use Angular.

If, at any time, you feel we can do better, please don’t hesitate to reach out so we can learn from your experiences. Our aim is to do better every year.

By uniting and using our differences as a power to keep striving forward, we can accomplish wonderful things together and make beautiful memories along the way.

Best regards,

Sam and Jurgen
NG-BE Organizers

PS: As a prime example of a diverse team, check out the video below. With 11 people from 5 different countries and backgrounds, our wonderful NG-BE Core Team members have provided so many different insights and perspectives that we were able to create an experience far beyond what we believed possible: