50 New Tickets Available!

NG-BE 2018 is less than 3 weeks out!

And we have a unique opportunity for you to still join us!

For more than 2 months, the NG-BE 2018 Conference has been sold out and many fellow developers have been asking for alternative ways to join.

With more than 70 people in the waiting list, we felt so bad about having to turn down so many of you that we had to come up with a way to help.

Because the Conference Room is limited in size, we explored alternative ideas.

Today, we are super happy to announce a brand-new initiative: the NG-BE 2018 Cinema Room!

With the Cinema Room, we can provide 50 people with an exclusive opportunity to come and still join us at NG-BE 2018.

And you can be one of them!

What is the Cinema Room?

The Cinema Room is located right next to the Conference Room.

The Cinema Room will be equipped with comfortable Fat Boy bean bags, chairs and tables so you follow the conference live on a big screen in a loungy atmosphere while having the opportunity to connect with others and work on your laptop at one of the tables.

You can socialize with fellow attendees, speakers, trainers and sponsors just as with a regular conference ticket.

However, you are not allowed access to the conference room.

What is included in a Cinema Room ticket?

With a Cinema Room ticket, you get all the same privileges as with a regular conference ticket:

  • a full day of Angular awesomeness

  • free continental breakfast buffet

  • free lunch buffet with warm and cold dishes

  • free snacks and drinks during the entire day

  • a unique opportunity to socialize with the fellow attendees, speakers, trainers and sponsors

  • free NG-BE goodies

  • free car parking

but instead of attending the talks live in the conference room, you can follow the talks live on a big screen in the cinema room while enjoying foods and drinks right inside the NG-BE venue.

Only 50 tickets available - Act fast!

The cinema room only has 50 seats available so if you still wish to join NG-BE 2018, this is your ultimate chance:

There will be no more tickets available when the Cinema Room sells out.

Conference Day - Friday, December 7

Here is a summary of what conference day has in store for you:

07:00 — Doors open
07:30 — Continental breakfast buffet with the speakers
08:30 — Conference Opening Ceremony
09:00 — Wassim Chegham - What's coming next in Angular
09:35 — Bonnie Brennan - The Need for Speed (aka Angular Performance)
10:10 — Torgeir Helgevold - Full stack development with Bazel, Angular and other friends
10:30 — Networking - Break with coffees, teas, juices, fresh yoghurts and fruits
11:00 — Sponsor talk - ARHS Digital
11:10 — Shmuela Jacobs - Form of Art
11:45 — Philippe De Ryck - Angular and the OWASP top 10
12:20 — Max Koretskyi - Optimize and debug change detection like a pro
12:55 — Sponsor talk - Euricom
13:00 — Networking - Lunch buffet with fresh soup, salads, selections of cold and warm dishes, dessert
14:35 — Sponsor talk - Ordina
14:45 — Ward Peeters - Bringing lighthouse to angular
15:10 — Ashnita Bali - The differences between ElementRef, TemplateRef, ViewContainerRef
15:45 — Pascal Precht - Angular and Decentralized Applications
16:15 — Networking - Break with coffees, teas, juices, energizers and snacks
16:45 — Sponsor talk - TVH
16:55 — Dominic Elm - Cypress: The future of E2E testing
17:30 — Samantha Brennan - Angular for the Visual Learner
18:00 — Conference Closing Ceremony
18:15 — Networking with trainers and speakers
19:30 — End of conference

Date and time

Friday, December 7, 2018
07:00 - 19:30


NG-BE is held at Holiday Inn Ghent Expo (https://www.higentexpo.com/en) .

Holiday Inn Ghent Expo
Maaltekouter 3
9051 Gent
+32 9 220 24 24

Foods and drinks

To align with your dietary preferences, both breakfast and lunch are in the form of an all-in buffet where you can choose your own foods. If you have a food allergy or adhere to strict dietary guidelines and you are unsure which items you are allowed to consume from the buffet, please don't hesitate to reach out to the NG-BE Core Team or the Holiday Inn Catering Team.

Free car parking

If you come by car, you may park your car in the Holiday Inn parking space. Do not pay for your parking when leaving the parking space. The NG-BE Core Team will provide you with a parking voucher to leave the parking space for free.


Driving and public transportation directions for Holiday Inn Gent Expo are available right here (https://www.higentexpo.com/en/directions) . Make sure not to miss the exit right after Ikea or you will need to drive around the loop again. The call it "The Loop" for a reason. Make sure you don't end up in an endless one ;-).

We are here to help

If anything is unclear or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@ng-be.org.

We hope to welcome you for a extraordinary day of Angular awesomeness!

Best regards,
Jurgen & Sam
NG-BE Organizers
NG-BE | Meet the NG-BE Core Team