How to convince your boss you should attend NG-BE 2019

Learning is fun, and as as a web developer something you can’t ignore. Something you do everyday, perhaps unknowingly. But every now and then you need to give it some more time. Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

A workshop or conference is the perfect time to focus, one or more days, purely on learning and expanding your network. Talking to other developers and sharing specific insights, cross-project and across technologies, allows you to expand your thoughts and views on specific problems.

But how do you convince your boss to let you ATTEND A CONFERENCE OR WORKSHOP?

If you are a freelancer it's easy to decide which conferences or workshops you attend. You manage your own learning plan.

But if you are an employee, you may need to convince your boss that a conference or workshop is of benefit to your employer. If you are lucky, your employer even helps you define and manage your personal development plan.

Added value for you as a developer

An NG-BE conference or a workshop is a perfect opportunity to learn from experts and connect with fellow Angular enthusiasts. You learn about the latest Angular developments from world-renowned experts and get direct access to first-class training and best practices in hands-on workshops. You even get an official certificate that you can add to your resume.


During the lengthy coffee and lunch breaks, you get the chance to connect with others. If you’re bad at starting conversations, our conversation starter cards have you covered. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying drinks while talking about “What did you learn today?”, “How do you unsubscribe from observables?” or “Have you used NGRX before?”.

Added value for your EMPLOYER

Front-end development is evolving at an incredible pace. By staying up to date on the latest developments in web technologies today, you help your employer deliver more ambitious projects tomorrow. Projects that require skills from highly trained professionals.

What’s extra?

Work hard, play hard! At NG-BE, we are very serious about learning and development, but at the same time we focus heavily on creating a cosy and friendly atmosphere in which you feel comfortable to thrive. Check out the talks, photo album or aftermovie from NG-BE 2018 to learn how others experienced NG-BE before.

In addition, the NG-BE venue is located in Ghent, a vibrant city with a very rich history. If you’re travelling, make sure to stay another day to digest what you’ve learned and explore the city center.

Need help convincing your employer?


If you need help convincing your boss, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the NG-BE Core Team or the organisers directly. We are more than happy to help answer any questions your employer may have on why attending or even sponsoring NG-BE can be a great investment.

We can’t wait to welcome you at NG-BE!